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Social Issues Addressed by McBride Research Assignment - 550 Words

Social Issues Addressed by McBride Research Assignment (Essay Sample) Content: James SmithProfessor GrantENG 102Date: 24th February 2017Social Issues Addressed by McBrideJames McBride is a renowned American novelist. One of his best works is Song Yet Sung (2009). McBride employs the skill of hiding themes based on the society in plain sight. To an open minded person, the book addresses a lot. Song Yet Sung is a platform used by McBride to address the nature of society. He does this by integrating dreams of the future and narrating the lives of various characters among them Patty Cannon and Liz Spocott. According to McBrides Song Yet Sung, society is faced with many issues, the ultimate being kindness, and humanity.Humanity is a contemporary subject that has been there since time immemorial. Society is defined as good or bad by how the people constituting it treat each other. McBride through a clever plot in the book Song Yet Sung illustrates the level of humanity in our society. Using prophecy as a style, McBride takes the readers to the future showing society as it is. His presentation of the book drives the point on societys level of humanity home. An example is where he gruesomely describes Lizs injury from a shot by Little George, The swelling in her head increased, then changed color from red to brown to purple to an off orange. (McBride 2)The ultimate question is, how is humanity an issue in society?A slave by the name Liz Spocott escaped a sexually abusive master and ran off to Maryland in hopes of refuge. Patty Cannon, a ruthless captor of black folks, gets her hands on Liz (McBride 19). Patty Cannon locks Liz up in the attic of her tavern, where Liz meets fellow captured blacks. During her stay here, Liz is raped by one of Patty Cannons accomplices, and she stabs him with a pike. (McBride 9). Liz is a case example of how society lets down many who expect a good turn from the world. Society fails Liz due to the inhumane character of her previous master. She runs away to seek solace but once more the inhumane nature of Patty Cannon leads to Liz going back to bondage. As if this is not enough, Liz is raped by a black man, whom naturally is expected to relate to Lizs situation.Liz Spoccot has a gift of dreaming about the future hence the nickname, "the Dreamer". Liz dreamt about a future of free black men. Negroes driving horseless carriages on shiny rubber wheels with music booming throughout, and fat black children who smoked odd-smelling cigars and walked around with pistols in their pockets and murder in their eyes. She dreamed ... of colored men dressed in garish costumes like children, playing odd sporting games and bragging like drunkards every bit of pride, decency, and morality squeezed clean out of them. (McBride 9). Her dream s...

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Deborah Tanen is a Sex Liar and Debunked Debunking

Deborah Tanen is a Sex Liar and Debunked DebunkingThe latest article in a series is Deborah Tanen's Article Sex Lies and Conversation Cause and Effect Essay Samp. Tanen's Essay argues that there is no such thing as intelligent design.Deborah Tanen has done quite well for herself writing an article about Intelligent Design and the Pseudoscience of Sex. In order to make this article more popular, she changed her name to 'Sex Lies and Conversation Cause and Effect Essay Samp.' I doubt that the name change has changed the content at all.Deborah Tanen claims that Intelligent Design does not even exist and that God's Word should not be allowed to apply to the creation. Therefore, the Bible cannot be considered infallible. She mentions an amazing number of problems with Intelligent Design.Deborah Tanen goes on to say that the theory of evolution does not apply because it was designed by a man who never saw the real world and the dinosaurs. Instead, Evolution should apply to all living thing s, not just one specific type of life. She mentions the variations of the human race, the importance of human DNA, and the fact that it is unnatural to place man above the animals. Finally, she cites a number of problems with Evolution.In her next article, Deborah Tanen says that Darwin was wrong because he assumed that natural selection would work in each species. Natural selection works the same way as humans play the game. It takes different forms of creatures, molds them into different forms, and then distributes those forms throughout the world. She says that the God of the Bible is not alone, and so there must be someone behind the natural process of evolution.The most important part of Tanen's article is the discussion of evolution. There are two major problems with evolution. First, it took the natural world thousands of years to evolve, and second, some forms of life are more evolved than others. If this were true, why are there many forms of life? The answer to that questi on is the Bible.The debate between Tanen and Darwin was over the differences between modern and fossil forms of life. It is true that in the last couple of years, DNA science has completely eliminated this issue.

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The Metrics Of English Literature - 4721 Words

The Metrics of English Candidate Number: 27090222 School Number: 84 The Metrics of English Fred: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this lovely evening in the city of London in the world renowned Globe Theatre. Today we are joined by two guests, Sylvia Miller and Joseph Johnson and I am your host, Fred Phillips. Both our guests having many years of linguistics and literature experience will analyse several texts that belong to different stages of the English language and compare their ideas. Why may you ask? To discuss the points of comparison between linguistics and the aesthetic analysis of English literature and discover the underlying oral similarities of our language Sylvia Miller is renowned for her understanding and interpretation of the aesthetic aspects of English literature throughout the periods Old English to the Modern English, ranging from 800 A.D, all the way to the twentieth century. Sylvia argues that the language is based on entertainment and that the enjoyment of the text lies in bringing out the beauty of the language and the craftsmanship of the author. And, as for Joseph Johnson, his insight and deconstruction of text and the English language through linguistics is able to magnify the origins of the text and how its historical context would have affected the language and style of writing. With this analysis, text and language becomes a historical timeline that contains the foundations of Modern English. With these two individuals tonight,Show MoreRelated Epic of Beowulf Essay - Alliteration in Beowulf1297 Words   |  6 PagesBeowulf  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   The diction of the Old English poem Beowulf is distinguished primarily by its heavy use of   allliteration, or the repetition of the initial sounds of words.    In the original manuscript version of the poem, alliteration is employed in almost every line (or two half-lines); in modern translations of the poem this is not so. Beowulf uses alliteration [my italics] and accent to achieve the poetic effect which Modern English poetry achieves through the use of poetic feetRead MoreSummary of Medieval and Renaissance Criticism1505 Words   |  7 Pagesprinted. The only standard work that dealt with Medieval Criticism is English Literary Criticism: The Medieval Phase by J.W.H Atkins published in 1952. One major development in this age is the adoption of Christianity as the religion of the Mediterranean region. Roman Catholicism prevailed in Western Europe. Classical elements were absorbed in the Medieval Age, sometimes modified and later became a part of it. Many pagan literature were incorporated into the medieval ethos(character). The criticalRead MoreReflection Of Ovids Metamorphoss1330 Words   |  6 Pagescomposing elegiac verse that shaped and enriched the Latin language, but also for its enormous contribution to the development of Western literature. Ovid is credited with creating characters who have become symbols embodying psychological states and ethical or philosophical problems. The stories in the Metamorphoses have served as the basic components for works of literature and art since they were composed, and the list of writers, painters, sculptors, and philosophers who are indebted to the poem is formidableRead MoreQuestions On Evolution Of Personal Management1374 Words   |  6 Pagesrepresentative is required to give impact to the standards of the Bargain of Waitangi Organization. 3. Human Resources in New Zealand - A Brief History (Crispin Garden-Webster, 2015) The improvement of HR practice in New Zealand, with starting points in English hones in the nineteenth century, has been affected from other western popular governments and set apart by practically ethernal inconsistency between proprietors of business and specialists which has ended up in a managed combat zone through livelihoodRead MoreSonnet994 Words   |  4 Pages1552-1599, a 16th century English Poet. The Spenserian Sonnet inherited the tradition of the declamatory couplet of  Wyatt / Surrey  although Spenser used Sicilian quatrains to develop a metaphor, conflict, idea or question logically, with the declamatory couplet resolving it. Beyond the prerequisite for all  sonnets, the defining features of the Spenserian Sonnet are: a quatorzain made up of 3 Sicilian quatrains (4 lines alternating rhyme) and ending in a rhyming couplet metric, primarily iambic pentameterRead MoreEssay Activity 4 case study1024 Words   |  5 Pagesone or more quantitative measures of the characteristic or attribute. Will they be measured using the metric system, imperial system or English? Third, determine the instrument for obtaining this measure. For example, the use of a ruler or tape measure to obtain a measure of height in inches, or a scale of 1-10 to measure emotion or other abstract characteristics. Based on a review of the literature Syafiq has developed a table (Table 1) that should help him to operationalize the variables of his conceptualRead MoreThe Relationship Between Student Mobility And Academic Achievement1428 Words   |  6 Pagespolicy-making efforts with these students in mind. Minimal research exists, however, that addresses the relationship between elementary school mobility and high school academic achievement, including final high school grade point averages. The literature suggests further studies which include a thorough examination of the effects of elementary school mobility on high school grade point average (Gasper et al., 2012). The problem is that a gap in the research exists when examining elementary schoolRead MoreImproving Quality Metrics Ad Maximize Reimbursement Rates, And Increased Emphasis On The Patients Perception Of Care1243 Words   |  5 Pageshospitals researching methods to improve quality metrics ad maximize reimbursement. One such intervention is multidisciplinary rounding (MDR). The research question addressed in this research summary and table is: â€Å"In hospitalized patients, will a unit’s initiation of bedside MDR increase patient satisfaction and decrease patient length of stay, within 6 months of introduction , as opposed to units who do not initiate bedside MDR?† A literature search of databases including Health Source: Nursing/AcademicRead MoreInternal Student Satisfaction Feedback Has On The Quality Of Teaching1459 Words   |  6 Pages2 Review of the National Student Survey With respect to the NSS, there is an abundance of research on its effect on universities in terms of admissions and league rankings. Hewson (2011) recognises the NSS as becoming an increasingly influential metric of quality of performance. According to Hodsdon (2010), the NSS had original aims to ‘inform the choices of future students’ and to improve public accountability. Sauder et al. (2006) found that within US law schools, those with higher rankingsRead MoreThe Journal Of Comprehensive Medical Research1245 Words   |  5 Pagesstudies pointing towards a potential area of scientific research, pilot studies or unique first-time reports. The word limit is 1500 words and up to 20 references 1 table. Review Article Comprehensive, systematic and critical assessment of research literature on topics related to newer emerging concepts in various fields of medical science. The entire manuscript should not exceed 5000 words with no more than 50 references and two authors. Case Report Brief case reports of special interest having new

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Why Do Ficers Consider Kurtz Unsound - 1009 Words

Why do the officers consider Kurtz unsound? The officers consider Kurtz and his methods unsound because his reality no longer lines up with theirs. When Kurtz entered the military, and as he was rising in the ranks, his reality was especially conducive to that employed by the military, and therefore he was quickly accepted. Kurtz eventually began to lose grasp of the reality that the military supported, and drifted from it. This is evidenced by his decision to join the Green Berets, in which he would have low likelihood of increasing in rank. This began to alienate Kurtz from his superiors, and eventually, after taking action of his own accord in Vietnam, they realized his reality contradicted theirs. In an effort to protect†¦show more content†¦In order to prevent its spread to the western world, the US attempted to stop it were it had already taken root, and prevent it from spreading further. They chose to do so through war and therefore violence. This war was one over ideals rather than resources. The battle was one between democracy and communism, not between two nations. The involved nations were simply representatives for their respective systems. European imperialism on the other hand was for the increase in pride for the involved nations. The fight was for control over territory and resources, rather than simple ideals. The fight for ideals was simply a byproduct of this intrusion, transforming the savages was not a goal. The opposite is true for Vietnam. The US entered with the intention of altering ideals, and capturing territory and resources was a side effect. A major point to consider is who decides for which side a country will fight. A soldier who may support communism, but happens to live in America, is drowned out by the voices of those in power. Those few make the decisions of the mores and the general reality of the people. The soldier then must fight a war based on ideals, for an ideal he does not believe in. Why does Willard say he would never want another mission after the one involving Kurtz? Willard says he never wants another mission

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Literature Review on Recognizing and Reporting Suspected...

Literature Review In the article on â€Å"Recognizing and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse†, it brought out that how parents discipline their children was sometimes severe. In my research, I found that when it comes to punishment that was physical and it’s an actual form of abuse whether it comes from a parents, teacher, and etc. Some of the states had restricted foster parents spanking their step children and that abuse is an act of commission. The problem was that there were as â€Å"three million cases of suspected child abuse being reported in the United States each year (Gullatt and E.Stockton pg.20).† That is a lot of cases that had been reported and the victims of the child had gone through many types of maltreatment. The abuses that these†¦show more content†¦The victims are dealing with PTSD from the fact that they suffered from being abused sexually. This study showed some evidence that proves my point on how sexually abused children will have problems at their developmental stages as they get older. I like to go back to the article on â€Å"Child Abuse Can Be Prevented† I found that the child could suffer from psychological development when they suffer from abuse the detrimental effects when the abuses are repetitive. These children suffer from the rough experiences they go through. In my study, I found in this report, there were only 10% that were estimated of having psychiatric disorder. Unlike these abused children towards adolescent’s stages, they are victimized and they go through emotional problems, extreme behaviors, they may be overactive and showing signs of anger and aggressive behavior in a situation that can put them through anxiety. The children may be afraid of their parents of reporting of the abuse and they have to put on a role to protect their parents because of fear. These studies showed me that it does affect the children mentally through their development. One of the examples in this article, that when a child are child, they canShow MoreR elatedThe Impacts of Child Sexual Abuse3738 Words   |  15 PagesChild Sexual Abuse Introduction Child abuse has currently become a major societal issue because of its high predominance and the devastating impacts victims. Children who have been sexually mishandled frequently show depressive symptomatology, elevated anxiety, school problems, anger, sleep difficulties, inappropriate sexual behaviors, social withdrawal and nightmares. Physiological side effects like migraines and stomachaches might be part of the sequelae of child sexual abuse (Smith, 2008). ForRead MoreChild Abuse and Neglect2110 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ A LITERATURE REVIEW Presented to the Department of Criminal Justice California State University, Long Beach In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science By Kirsten Anderson California State University, Long Beach March 9, 2014 Every year around four million children in the United States experience a traumatic event, including the abuse and neglect of a child, also known as child maltreatment, (Schwartz Perry, 1994). In 2005,Read MoreSchool Counseling: A Case Study in Ethical Decision Making Essay2469 Words   |  10 Pagesthat as a counsellor I had a duty of care to her, which is part of the Child Protection act. This acts protects children from others and sometimes themselves. In the first interview, Lorena seemed suspicious and guarded, and I had to be cautious building a relationship with her. It was important to be congruent and show genuine interest by listening to her. Geldard Geldard (2002) stated â€Å"children are very good at recognizing people who are not congruent†, (p, 38). Lorena is the eldest of fourRead MoreDomestic Violence Against Women Act Of 19943515 Words   |  15 Pagesis or has previously found, in a close relationship or somebody living in the same household as the victim. Domestic violence regulations differ from state to state. These variances range from conceptualization to the requirements under required reporting laws. Because of all these differences, the entire process of avoidance a domestic violence situation rest on each state. The Violence against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) has been designed to increase victim services and detention and trial of batterersRead MoreOnline Crime Reporting System17148 Words   |  69 Pagesof crimes and includes data on the circumstances of the crime, the victim, and the defendant. The current crime reporting system is faced with several difficulties as there is no instant means of reporting crime rather than telephone calls, messaging or perhaps face-to-face which is always cumbersome in a case the reporter might want to keep anonymity. The proposed crime reporting system is aimed to assist the Nigeria police in their bid to solve crimes with timely and useful information aboutRead MoreChildren in Conflict to the Law12401 Words   |  50 Pagescenters that helps these children who are in conflict with the law. Under R.A. 9344 a child who is 15 years of age at the time of the commission of offense are exempted from criminal liability, however the child shall be subjected to an intervention program provided by local social welfare development office who will determine appropriate programs and consultation with the client and to person having custody of the child. There are three types of delinquency: the first type is environment delinquentRead MoreEssay Paper84499 Words   |  338 PagesE-1a). o Updates confidentiality procedures: adds exceptions to the confidentiality of survey responses; adds requirement to provide inconspicuous location to submit paper and pencil format; provides guidance on group versus individual reporting (para E-2). o Deletes the tools used for obtaining the command climate surveys (para E-5). o Adds requirement for survey administrator and data collector to protect respondent anonymity and results confidentiality; adds exceptions toRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 Pagespractice and to provide ways of improving it. Although always appealing to his economic understandings, he has been open to a wide variety of other ideas, recognizing their intellectual strengths and capabilities rather than making artificial distinctions between what is acceptable and what is not. He also has contributed widely to the accounting literature, taking forward the British tradition of economic theorizing in financial accounting as well as being a constant source of creative thinking in theRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography: Plagiarism39529 Words   |  158 Pagesin journals like BJET. It is essential that we distinguish between the work that has been carried out by others and the work and the writing that is due to our original efforts. Most research projects will start with a comprehensive study of the literature to determine what has been found in the past, and it is that foundation that will inform the subsequent work. It is quite likely that, in order to make the argument for the paper, you will need to quote from the work of others. However, you mustRead MoreAccounting 1-4 Chapter100452 Words   |  402 Pageschapter 1 INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ââ€"  the navigator ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  âÅ"“ Scan Study Objectives Read Feature Story Scan Preview Read Text and Answer Do it! p. 5 p. 11 p. 18 p. 20 Work Using the Decision Toolkit Review Summary of Study Objectives Work Comprehensive Do it! p. 23 Answer Self-Test Questions Complete Assignments Go to WileyPLUS for practice and tutorials Read A Look at IFRS p. 42 study objectives After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1 Describe the primary

Why China Slows Down Its Economy Essay - 1354 Words

Introduction Nowadays, the outlook of the global economy is clearly not optimistic, and there are so many severe issues have been plaguing the world economy in recent years. Such as potential asset bubbles, higher financial market volatility, weaker global demand, and deteriorating monetary and credit crisis, and falling of oil prices, and so on a series of troubles around the world. (World Economic Situation and Prospects 2016 2016)Once when we discuss and analyse those economic problems, it is inevitable to associate with China’s slowdown. Indeed, since China entered WTO, China takes advantages of large population to develop the labour intensive industries like manufacturing to expand the relationship with the world by frequently international trade, as greater interaction and stronger cooperation between China and the world, Chinese economy is merged to the world economy and become an integral part of the global economy. Therefore, the Chinese slowdown is bound to affect the growth of w orld economy. So the question arises, why China slows down its economy? If exploring further to figure out why, one factor which cannot be ignored is the declining export. (China’s Export Decline Accelerates 2016) Thus, the study I concentrate on is to investigate the reasons of declining export in Chinese international trade. Objectives My proposal has two main components: 1 To identify the slowing of export growth and the share of GDP to export is decreasing in China. 2 To analyze andShow MoreRelatedWhy China Slows Down Its Economy Essay1988 Words   |  8 PagesNowadays, the outlook of the global economy is clearly not optimistic, and there are so many severe issues have been plaguing the world economy in recent years. Such as potential asset bubbles, higher financial market volatility, weaker global demand, and deteriorating monetary and credit crisis, and falling of oil prices, and so on a series of troubles around the world. (World Economic Situation and Prospects 2016 2016)Once when we discuss and analyse those economic problems, it is inevitable toRead MoreEssay on The Fall of The Orient1033 Words   |  5 PagesFinance at Yale School of Management, had once addressed two pivotal questions to the world: â€Å"Why has China’s economy grown at such a fast rate during the last 30 years, and is this growth rate sustainable?† Over the past decades, China’s uprising as a huge economy power was undeniably prominent, first in Asia and then to the eyes of the world. The most popular answer as the world knows it is because China has â€Å"vast and cheap labors†, but that is not necessarily true. The idea of China’s developmentRead MoreThe Problem, Unemployment, And Social Issues938 Words   |  4 PagesIn contemporary China, the flourish economy is of great benefits to many industries such as agriculture, urban housing, taxation and medical care, GDP have a buoyant trend at 7.5%, which causes a spurious fact that too many job opportunities can be created by the enhancement of living standard. However, the statistics from World Bank shows that the GDP of China have a slow upward on economy growth in the past decades, which from 11.4% to 7.4%, the year between 2007 and 2008 dramatically in particularRead MoreThe Problem, Unemployment, Occurred Of China And Its Effect On Economy941 Words   |  4 Pages Introduction: In contemporary China, the flourish economy is of great benefits to many industries such as agriculture, urban housing, taxation and medical care, GDP have a buoyant trend at 7.5%, which causes a spurious fact that too many job opportunities can be created by the enhancement of living standard. However, the statistics from World Bank shows that the GDP of China have a slow upward on economy growth in the past decades, which from 11.4% to 7.4%, the year between 2007 and 2008 dramaticallyRead MoreEssay On Chinas One Child Policy1075 Words   |  5 PagesHow Does Chinas One Child Policy Affect its Economy? Summary Overpopulation always has been one of the essential problems that China needs to pay attention to. In 1979, Chinese government promulgated a law called ‘one-child policy’ that official name is ‘family planning policy’, which purpose is to slow down the rate of population growth and control the size of the total population. This paper using calibrated general-equilibrium models that compared benchmark with a fertility constraintRead MoreThe People s Republic Of China997 Words   |  4 PagesZhenshi, and announced Zhongguo will become the People’s Republic of China. This act propelled China into a closed market, red country. Later on, China would become a closed market country; this would end in the late 1980’s when China became an open market country. Since then China’s economy has been growing faster than any other economy in the world, and creating relationships with many countries including the United States. As China contin ues to boom and increase relations with the United States, fearRead MoreType Of Chinese Economic Reform1278 Words   |  6 Pagesa turning point that Chinese economy got over the shock from the aggressive economic policies ahead and realized the economics renaissance gradually. One of the most important changes is in resource allocation. Now, resource allocation is mainly influenced by the market rather than the central planning. As the alternative mechanism, government interventions take place when the market mechanism is not enough to maintain the good performance of economy. Besides, China is opening to the outside worldRead MoreThe Reasons Why East Asia Is Successful1365 Words   |  6 Pagesno doubt that the economy of East Asia is prospering and does not seem to slow down. The miracles that are happening in many countries in East Asia get attention from economists around the world. Thousands of articles and books try to find an explanation for this spectacular phenomenon. Back in the days, Japan was the only country in Asia that was accepted as a country with a strong and reliable economy. Many experts believe that the flying geese model is one the main reasons why East Asia is successfulRead MoreThe Production Is Falling By The Oil Producers1075 Words   |  5 Pagesis used by some to justify why they expect prices to remain â€Å"lower for longer† (The Oil Conundrum). This would mean that a long period of low oil prices should benefit the global economy. According to the Economist â€Å"the world is both a producer and a consumer: what producers lose and consumers gain from a drop in prices sums to zero†. Extra spending by oil importers exceeds cuts in spending by exporters, boosting global aggregate demand (The Oil Conundrum). The economies that have enjoyed the strongestRead MoreChina s Effect On The Global Economy1285 Words   |  6 Pages2016 China s Effect on the Global Economy Over the last two decades, what was once a developing country has grown into the economic superpower that is China. China passed Japan to become the world’s second-biggest economy in terms of GDP in the second quarter of 2010 and was said to be on track to surpass the United States in 2027, with an annual GDP of $14 trillion (Bloomberg). Since China became a larger and more influential country, it is now important to realize that the global economy depends

Pathophysiology Cardiovascular Diseases

Question: Write an essay on Cardiovascular Diseases? Answer: Cardiovascular diseases have become a common disease in recent times. There are several factors that are associated with the development of the disease and these include genetic factor, high blood pressure and cholesterol. The involvement of genetic factor can be determined either from the genetic tests or from the family history. The disease can be developed either through the mutation of the gene or from any inherited mutated gene. A person having a family history of cardiovascular disease is prone to the development of the disease due to the inherited genetic factors. In these cases, it is recommended to adapt some measures in order to decrease the risk of getting the disease. According to Baker (1997), the disease can be caused by a single gene or many genes can associate to cause a disease. Another factor that is associated with the inherited diseases include whether the inherited gene is dominant or recessive (Your gene your choices, ch-2, p 19). If the gene is recessive, then the chance of development of the diseases is very low, again if the gene is dominant, then there is increased risk of disease development. The strength of the gene is another factor, in which stronger expression is associated with increased risk (Your gene your choices, ch-3, p 30). Changing the lifestyle of a person with inherited risk of developing cardiovascular disease can help the person to avoid heart attack or stroke. The lifestyle factors that increase the risk include tobacco smoking, lack of physical activity and having high fat diets (Heidemann et al., 2007). All these factors are associated with increased risk. Changing these life style habits is associated with the reduced risk, greater life span and better life. The studies have shown that about 10% of all cardiovascular disease is due to smoking. There is an increased risk of 25- 30% in persons who smoke (, 2015). References: Heidemann, C., Hoffmann, K., Klipstein-Grobusch, K., Weikert, C., Pischon, T., Hense, H., Boeing, H. (2007). Potentially modifiable classic risk factors and their impact on incident myocardial infarction: results from the EPICPotsdam study. European Journal Of Cardiovascular Prevention Rehabilitation, 14(1), 65-71. doi:10.1097/01.hjr.0000238392.19847.4c,. (2015). Tobacco: the totally avoidable risk factor of cardiovascular disease | World Heart Federation. Retrieved 12 June 2015, from Baker, C. (1997). Your genes, your choices. Washington: American Association for the Advancement of Science.